Jana and Juan, Vancouver Island, October 2021

Too personal? I don’t know. I don’t care! My eldest daughter is getting married tomorrow, January 29, to the Love of her Life, the most lovely JUAN (pictured above). This is extremely exciting and wonderful news, and I am bursting with happiness so needed to share. Who knows, I might even sing my heart out on our Zoom/YouTube call tomorrow, as we toast them from afar (they are on Salt Spring Island, BC).

The other exciting piece of news this week was my visit (still suffering from COVID) with the Dreaming Divas, Hannah Crawford and Simmie Patoka, which went live today at 12 pm EST https://youtu.be/7FjLLn24r7k . We talked about all things Body Mapping, trouser roles, what my “why” is and more. They are quite the forces of nature and it was a treat to connect with them both. These two young singers have been interviewing numerous industry professionals about their creative practice and vision for the future (among other things), and their sassy, outspoken style and willingness to dig deep on touchy topics is refreshing. Take a look!

While I’m in shout-out mode, I want to mention that my blogging sister at Too Quiet to Quit, Marcia Whitehead, has started a new venture called S.O.S., which offers Singers Overcoming Setbacks the opportunity to talk to someone who has “been there”, walking the walk. Marcia’s voice is authentic and powerful and I can’t say enough about her vulnerability and courage (ya can’t have one without the other!) in offering this service to singers in need. I sure wish someone like her had been available when I was struggling in many parts of my career.

That’s all I’ve got this week. There is much to celebrate, even though we’re not through this pandemic yet. We are all gaining resilience, finding out what matters, and learning to embrace the small wins, wherever we find them. Thank you to all those amazing artists and humans out there who make this world a better place.