This week I’ve spent some time apologizing to the artist within me. I have been saying sorry for being bossy and not letting her speak unhindered. I realize how often I stifle the joyous being inside, assuming that in my infinite professorial wisdom that I must know better. And honestly: I don’t.

It’s just a truth that so many artists suffer from this affliction; the artistic impulse is a deeply creative and intuitive one, not one that can be reasoned upon. And yet I (we?) consistently deny it. I second guess it, judge it, force it into a straightjacket and apply all kinds of rules and regulations to its behaviour. I don’t trust its ability to simply DO without analyzing. But wow, does it ever know how! When I step back and allow it to unleash its power without my “trying”, it can soar. So I have been taking the risk to let it speak unfiltered more often. If it takes over, it totally knows what to do. And all my analytical self can do is marvel, and wonder at all the excess work I have done over the years to absolutely NO AVAIL. Time for the analytical one to go on holiday. It’s Artist Party Time!