It’s a new year. A new decade. I’m reflecting with intention on what I’d like the next days, weeks, months and years to look like as they pertain to my singing life. And as we know from these last few months of Singing and Self, I take the idea of Singing and Voice personally. Which is to say that I believe that they are metaphors for life itself.

The last six months in particular and the last couple of years generally have been about more mindfully listening to and owning my voice. This means spiritually as well as literally. Such ownership necessitates courage, because the buck stops with me: I take responsibility for my voice, and what I say or sing with it. I wish for it to be meaningful in content and connection. I must make amends and redress any wrongs or missteps, whether those involve others (through what I say or how I say it), or whether it is abuse I heap upon myself (when I am unhappy with my own singing and sound I need to own it without judgment and discover with patience where I am going astray).

Therefore, this is a year of living and singing bravely. For me and for everyone else out there who dares to confront their deepest self through the finding of Voice. Happy Brave New Year, everybody.