Kimberly Barber, January 2020

We’re in the Deep Freeze in Canada at the moment. In some parts of the country, exposed flesh can freeze in a matter of seconds. No wonder we are afraid of exposure

As artists (and ordinary humans) we are afraid of outing ourselves in a more figurative way. We use all kinds of methods to “armour up” and avoid truly showing ourselves. The irony of this, of course, is that what the audience waits for are those moments of deep truth in performance, where an artist risks everything and opens their heart. To do this takes tremendous courage. We fear that if we were to really expose our deepest, truest self, people would turn away in disgust. Yup. We hate ourselves that much.

What if, I ask myself on this winter’s day, instead of covering myself up in layers of figurative clothing, I dared to honestly sing from my deepest truth? What if I dared to fail? What if I was brave enough to sing from the core of me? What glorious and terrifying outcome might be possible? In the interest of my quest towards a Brave New Year, I urge myself–and by association, all who might read this–to counter the urge to bundle up and hide, and resist the fear of exposure. Polar Bear Plunge, anyone?